Friday, February 11, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day!

Claddagh rings are the greatest thing. They're Irish, they're romantic, and they're beautiful. What's not to love? Nothing. That's what's not to love.
I thought these were quite lovely for Valentine's Day, being all ruby red and gorgeous (and cheap).
This one is actually really cute. The note fits inside the tiny envelope and is removable and everything. And as we all know: nothing warms the cockles of your heart (and says "I love you") like tiny, interactive jewelry.
I'd love to find some tights like these, but when I try to find some they're all little girl-sized.
This outfit is soooo cute! I would definitely wear it (and look a heck of a lot happier about it than this lovely young lady seems to be). The red tights make it appropriate for V-Day. Plus, what guy doesn't wanna see a little leg. Just being honest here.
Nice. Mustachios really make this shirt into something that I'd be beyond proud of wearing!
Darn-tootin' this is a super-cute/festive outfit!!!
Happy Valentine's Day! Wondering what to wear on V-Day? Do you have a big special date planned with that certain special someone? By the way- if you do- gag. Or perhaps you're like me and have spent the last, oh I don't know, billion-or-so (or, whatever, all of them! Hey, that's me!) oh-so-barf-inducingly-romantic-worst-holiday-ever-invented-Valentine's Days all alone, watching re-runs of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie and drowning your sorrows in butterscotch pudding and a those heart-shaped-box chocolates that you got from a very special someone (your mom). I know. Best sofa king holiday EVER!! Anyway, I hope this doesn't make me sound like a terrible pessimist 'cause, if I'm being honest here, I'm a HUGE hopeless romantic. But please do forgive me if I don't exactly look forward to a holiday that celebrates mushy-gushy boyfriend/girlfriend love fests when I'm always pitifully alone with no one but Samantha and Darrin (and occasionally Endora) and their ever-so-crazy antics to keep me company. Hmm... how did I get so far off track? Let's move on to some clothes, shall we?!!!!! Yeah well, as we all know hearts and red and pink and frills are the basics for How-to-Dress-Like-You're-Mainlining-Ecstasy-and-Little-Candy-Hearts, but I guess there are some other ways to get all gussied up for that special day. Like some of those super-cool converse with the hearts on the sides. Yep. Sorry I'm not really putting as much effort into this as I might some other holiday-themed posts but I guess my heart just isn't in it. Heh heh. Heart. Get it? Okay...
Love (oh yeah: xoxoxo),

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