Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mumsey's Birthday and reusable bottles

So, on Saturday I went shopping with my bud for my Mum's birthday present and found the perfect thing! It's practical and personal! You know those reusable cups that are BPA-free and look like the kind of cup you get an iced latte in? Well, it's that! And mommy loves iced tea and drinks mass amounts of it all summer. So, suffice to say, I was really excited about this one.
And then I saw it.
Next to the sink.
On the counter.
A reusable BPA-free cup.
I was like "Mom! This is Courtney's right?! Please tell me this is Courtney's!!" and she was just like "Nah, daughtuh, das mine cup, right thuh". Actually what she said didn't resemble that at all, I just enjoy accents and so I gave her a Calpurnia-To Kill a Mockingbird type voice ("He's you's guest! He can put maple syrup on whateva he wants!"). Anyway, it was her cup. She'd just been sent a birthday package from her brother in NorCal and that was in it. She was very, very happy with it. Which made me feel like my uncle totally stole my make-mom-happy-with-a-rad-present thunder. Jerk. So I'm just going to give it to her anyway and she can have two, but I do have to go get her another present this weekend.
These are awesome cups though. I got a free one at college the other day, they were just giving them out for free! I also have a Copco reusable mug that I bought last year. I'm very serious about the importance of avoiding plastic. I was the worst about it for the longest time. One of my OCD ticks is that I can't use the glasses at my house. I can usually use the ones at other people's houses but at mine it has to be spotless for me to be able to use it. It's weird. So I would drink out of water bottles, but then I'd feel bad about the environment, so I'd reuse the same water bottle for like a month. Which is very unhealthy because the chemicals in the plastic get into the water and it's alot worse if you reuse the bottle alot. I am now very attached to my reusables:) for some reason my OCD doesn't care about their cleanliness as much!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter/ Acting Aspirations/Etc...

So, no outfit pics of Easter... yet. I have some family pictures that I will share with y'all sometime, but not today. Today, I have to write a deep, profound essay on the meaning of life for my anthropology class. It's a worldview essay... and it's due tomorrow. I probably should have started.
Through the outfit issues (the dress I wanted to wear was waaay too big from all the weight I've lost since I bought it[it was already a little loose when I bought it]. Which has an upside and a downside.), my multiple family problems, being surrounded by chocolate (and not being able to eat any of it), and having to go to separate dad/mom holidays EVERY HOLIDAY and feeling like holidays are just responsibilities and obligations, I had a rather shitty day (if you'll pardon my French). I did eat a lovely meal and the weather was nice but I just wish that for once I could get through a holiday without guilt trips from and resentment towards my father and my grandparents being judgmental and honestly rather grumpy old bastards. Sorry.

This morning has been better though. I slept in and ate quinoa (which is the staple of my diet so I hope I never get tired of it), watched multiple Logan Lerman Youtube videos because I seriously might be in love with him, made a smoothie, and pet my cats. Last night I watched Inception. Seriously crazy movie- really makes you think. What is reality? Am I dreaming right now? Does the government use this technology now? It. Just. Blew. My. Mind.
I've been thinking lately that I might like to act. I am really quite dramatic/theatrical and I just love the art behind it. I've done a few plays but they were just goofy school plays, I think I'd do better in serious plays and movies. I created a Youtube account so (if I can remember the password) I think I'm going to start making movies again. There's this one I made in like 7th grade that I should put on there. It's the best. I'm also going to take an acting class at the college, probably next spring or the fall after because I have to get my high school-required classes out of the way. Anyhoo. I guess I'm just putting off doing my homework and that won't get me a doctorate (let alone 2), so I should probably go do that now. Toodloo (how does one even spell that?)!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, Spring Equinox, Resurrection!

Rather adorable
Or whatever else you want. I am unbelievably fascinated by Christian holidays that have Pagan origins and/or aspects! Easter is completely pagan (right down to the bunnies, eggs, and even the name!), and still you get virtually every church in the nation plastering "Easter Egg Hunt!" signs around town. I think it's neat. Some other modern Christian holidays that bear striking resemblance to old Pagan ritual days include: Christmas (trees, yule logs, etc. Saturnalia "the birth of the unconquerable son" is the Roman pagan holiday), The vigil of St. Walpurga (held on the eve of May Day [Beltane; an ancient pagan fertility holiday), The Annunciation (same day that the Babylonians held a festival in honor of Cybele), St. George's Day (same day as the ancient festival of the Parilia), Feast of St. John the Baptist (very close to the day of a pagan festival of water- it included purifying followers with water [baptism?]), and- just for fun- Groundhog Day is February 2nd- the same day as Imbolc which is the Celtic Pagan festival in honor of one of their major goddesses: Brighid (Brigit, Bride; also a little known fact: the St. Brigit canonized by the Catholic church was actually the goddess Brighid [the Catholic church knew how important she was to the Celtics and knew they'd be more easily converted if they didn't have to give up one of their most important deities]). Anyway, I find this beyond interesting! Now, onto some lighter topics:) As I write I am listening to Laura Marling and eating Quinoa, shrimp:(, and mushrooms. I put a sad face by the shrimp because I feel bad about eating them. And that slim jim I had earlier. But I had Jamba juice for lunch and rice for breakfast so... not so bad! Tomorrow, I am celebrating Easter at my grandparents house with a lovely brunch. I have a pretty coral-colored dress! Then, I'm celebrating the Resurrection at my dad's with a spectacular dinner (maybe). I hope we eat ham. Even that has it's roots in the pagan Easter. I don't really want ham. I just want my dad to make it. So I can secretly laugh at his paganism. Mwahaha. I was planning on doing an Earth Day (on the same day as Good Friday. Kind of a backwards twist on things, eh?) post but instead I went to my bud's house after school and this morning we stopped by a quaint Earth Day fair downtown and hiked on Tubbs Hill. Such a beautiful day today! I can only hope tomorrow will be the same!
P.S.: check out this post on Finish Easter, it's super cute!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Musical Morning

This morning I have been listening to some wonderful music! Elephant Revival: Sing to the Mountain and Ring Around the Moon, Adele: Rolling in the Deep (so freaking cool! and has anyone else ever wondered about the random samurai playing in the dust in the video? Just wondering...), Fever Ray: The Wolf (Makes me want to dance around a campfire like a wild person, wearing and wolf mask and...very little clothing), and Mumford and Sons: pretty much everything of theirs that I possibly can! I am so IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with Mumford and Sons! Anyone who can make stand-up base and banjo sexy is alright in my book:) Of course I always think stand-up base is sexy, so, there you go. Oh, and I just found Laura Marling: Rambling Man and I think it's bloody terrific! I just randomly chanced upon it, and I'm so glad I did. I would post some outfit pics for today but... I don't have any!!!! Yeah! That's right! I'm lounging around the house in pajamas, listening to folk music and dark-wild-crazy music, taking gratuitous cat pictures;), playing guitar, drinking tea, and eating mass amounts of sauteed mushrooms 'cause geez, I love mushrooms. Now, enjoy these pictures of my cats and this video of my mom and me being doofuses. That's right, doofuses. I'm bringing that word back. Now I'm off to make lunch. 1/2 cup of quinoa, about 4 sauteed mushrooms, a bit of cooked spinach, some melted cheese, and saracha (hot sauce, I wish I knew how to spell it)... yummy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Some Pictures of Outfits

This is me today!
Takin' off the sweater... (sweater from Target)
Dress from Goodwill!
We get alot of blurry pictures because I can't stand still.
I fishtailed my hair today!
Where did she get those glasses, I wonder. Oh yeah, They're mine! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Not really that funny, eh? But I did help Shenanigan get dressed Friday. Isn't this a cute outfit?

Where's Waldo? Do you spy me in the mirror?
Friday was the day of Mr. LHS at our high school and it was a jolly good fun time! I got to play doll and pick out my bud's outfit before we left so, all in all, I was happy.
Well, I just wanted to share these before I forgot. And now I am off to bed to sleep away my cold. Nighty night!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I am...

So, so sick...
I had a super weekend though. If you're ever wondering what to do in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I am your girl! Seriously, just comment below- it's super easy. I went home with Shenanigan after school and we Google Imaged rather pleasant looking young actors for awhile. At 8 we went to Mr. LHS at our high school. Pretty much Junior Miss for funny senior guys. We saw someone put a surprising amount of grapes in his mouth. Then, the next day we walked around downtown CDA like cool people. So... if you want to know a great day in CDA... I'll tell you! Start at Calypso's (quirky little coffee shop on the main drag) and get a panini (actually, wait and get this at lunchtime!) and an americano, then walk to All Things Irish, Lucky Monkey Trading Company, The Frosted Cupcake (seriously cute and not very well-known cupcake bakery), and every art gallery and antique shop you pass. Then drive over to 4th street and park in the Goodwill parking lot. Then go in Goodwill and enjoy thrifty shopping. Next, walk to Pilgrim's Market (just because it's wonderful), Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store, Paris Flea Market, all thrift stores, and just about anything that catches your fancy. Next you absolutely HAVE TO stop in at The Long Ear, a record store with rows and rows of albums (vinyl, CD,...)- trust me, you'll feel cool as heck if you do. For dinner (after a long day of shopping and being cool you will be hungry) you have tons of choices. I'd recommend: Pho Tahn (Vietnamese food; I've never really been there but, gosh, do I want to), Olympia (Greek), Syringa (right next to Goodwill so, hey!, you're already there! It's a sushi place), Mexican food (it's everywhere in that area), Valentino's Pizza (great gluten-free pizza, vegetarian pizza, ice cream, smoothies, subs), and a bunch of other places I can't really speak for. After you've eaten, you should go hang out at CDA lake. Tubbs Hill is the best place ever and the beach is really beautiful at sunset. Go home and snack on grapes as you ponder how many grapes you could fit in your mouth while making up a stupid song with your BFF and go to sleep content. It's a good day.
You have just learned how to indie rock-out your day in CDA. Yay for you!
P.S.: I'm really starting a band!
P.P.S.: I have a video on youtube. It's stupid. My mom and I were being weird.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

If I Had a Diary, This Is What I Would Write In It Today

My face hurts.
I have a small gap between my two back molars and when food gets stuck back there, it hurts like the dickens all day. I have to floss to get it out and it hurts worse than the dickens to floss! It's a never ending cycle of PAIN! But, at least my... cycle... doesn't hurt anymore. Since I started the PCOS diet I don't have painful periods anymore. too much info? Maaaayyybeee.....
Today I presented in Anthropology. My subject was Germany: customs, values, traditions, fashion, family life, marriage... basically just the more personal aspect of their culture because everyone else in my group was talking about their history (in different ways like art, religion, politics, actual history), everyone but me talked about Hitler. I wanted to steer clear of Nazi Germany and talk mostly about modern Germany and how different it is from Nazi Germany. So yeah, that went well. Actually, the class seemed more interested in everyone else's presentation than in mine! Is this some demented American fascination with Hitler coming to the surface? I don't know. Maybe my section of the presentation didn't go over as well because only one other person in that class is an anthropology major and, as we all know, anthropologists have quite a different way of thinking than the average humanoid lifeform.
I sat on the beach during my free period because I'm a bum and watched some rather shady characters engaging in some rather criminal-looking activity. Being the secret agent/detective/investigative journalist that I am, I took pictures of them and sketched the 5 men ages 18-25 4 Caucasian, 1 African American, varying heights from 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inches with rather athletic builds. I am convinced that they were up to something illegal. Just wait, you'll see it in the news. Well, now mommy and I are watching Two and a Half Men *muted* because it's stupid and we're just waiting for American Idol. So, to pass the time, we're talking for them because they have nothing good to say anyway.
I have to go eat. Don't worry, I'll write a better post tomorrow or something, I'm just tired and lightheaded but I felt like writing first.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surfer/Beach Bum Dreams

Lovely Milla (basically my girl-crush [in a completely non-lesbian way]) on the beach of her island home.

Billabong Sharkbite shorts.

Shop for these looks (Prairie, Hawaiian, Tropical) at Just click on the pictures. They're kind of different ways to dress like a beach bum.
Zona Crossbody Bag. I love fringe.

Erika Maxi dress.

Coco Ho, a Hawaiian surfing newcomer.

Out of a Seventeen Magazine.
Really pretty hair.

I would definitely wear this.

Happy Hippies Holding Hands:)
I am a beach bum. The community college I go to is located right next to the big beach at Coeur d'Alene Lake and whenever a have a break I spend it on the beach. The day before Spring Break I only had two classes. I don't have my license, my two classes were four hours apart, and I was stuck at school all day. So, naturally, I sat alone on the beach for four hours. Any day that I have free time or a canceled class I sit on the beach. Honestly, I have started feeling so close to that lake; like we understand each other, like she's family. I once read that the Coeur d'Alene Tribe thought of the lake as their mother, and I think that's really beautiful. So I have felt inspired by the quintessential beach bum, as well as female pro-surfers, and Milla's beautiful beach home (just read her most recent post which included pics of the ocean!), to write this post. I wish I could go to the ocean. I feel most like myself when I'm in and around water. I really want to roadtrip to the Oregon coast with friends this summer but, sadly, gas prices are beyond crazy and will only get worse. Anyhoo! Hopefully, I'll be able to spend alot more time at the beach once the weather improves. Ugh! North Idaho weather! You never know if it's going to be snowing or warm and sunny when you wake up in the morning. Here's hoping for sunny!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Artistic Musical Epiphany

This is me with my favorite fella, Rivendell, a few days ago.

He looks sweet, but little do you know, he's just trying to eat my shirt. (Wow, my fingers got dirty. Hence his nickname- dirty white boy.)

The show I don't get to go to tonight:(
I've known for some time what type of (musical) artist I want to be- I just didn't know how to describe it! It's just that I love so many different types of music and wanted to incorporate them all together and not have to just choose one! I want to mix Dolly Parton, The Decemberists, Iron and Wine, Ray LaMontagne, Irish punk, Nickel Creek, Elephant Revival (my new-found love, thanks to Milla!), Stevie Nicks, Holly Williams, Loreena McKennit, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Joey+Rory, Joni Mitchell, Josh Ritter, Janis Joplin, Lady Antebellum, Natalie Merchant, Zac Brown Band, Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Jewel, The Mamas and the Papas, Ingrid Michaelson, etc. I just went through my playlist and copied down singers and bands that I want to be like. There are more- I just didn't want to go too far. Already did? Oh well. I just had a smoothie so SUE ME, BUCKO! What?! I don't even know. I hope no one reads this post because it's rather stupid... I was supposed to be going to an Inter-Tribal show tonight but I can't because the "inspirational" (though rather not) speaker spoke at my high school today while I was there (just hanging out, I don't have any classes there anymore) so I didn't have a chance to talk to, you know, "that certain someone" today to ask him to go with me... then all my friends were busy... so! No show for me. Sad. I'd go alone but mommy won't give me a ride. grrr...
Oh, yeah! The entire point of this post was that I decided that the type of artist I want to be is (pretty much) a transcendental folk singer! Love it!!!!
If you have any ideas on anything regarding my musical career (I might try to start a band and I'm auditioning for American Idol in the summer) please let me know! All advice and suggestions and random (loving!) comments are always welcome. Also, if you ever have any questions feel free to ask! Can you think of a good way to describe the artist I want to be based on the little information I've given you?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A near perfect day

Both pictures are of Tubbs Hill

Yesterday I went to Tubbs Hill with Shenanigan (one of my very very best friends). I wore a long indigo dress, a green cardigan, and my Prague boots- not exactly hiking wear (the boots are close though)! It was truly a beautiful day... I would have taken pictures, but my camera needs batteries:( We made our way out to the secret little beach and looked for pretty stones and drift wood, then hiked up to the top of the Hill to find THE BEST wildflowers to put in our hair. It was a rather steep climb, so we stopped to rest on a giant moss-covered rock, and who should be waiting right behind us? Two does! They were right there munching on the new Spring foliage! They were completely aware that we were there but didn't seem to mind- I guess they could tell that we didn't want to hurt them. I think they sensed a wildness in us- something Shenanigan (nickname!) and I both like to think we have. After a while the two deer gracefully loped away so we went back down the mountain- feeling seriously cool!- and finished the hike around to the other side of Tubbs Hill. It was one of those grey, breezy-but-comfortable days that makes me think of Ireland, so of course I was delighted to be spending it in the lush green Spring forest of Tubbs! Later, after we left the Hill, we tried to use the Ouija board. Sadly those never work! It was still a wonderful day and a good way to end an otherwise uneventful Spring Break.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Poisson d'avril

Dude's got a fish on his back!!!!!
Weird, yes, but I could think of a few ways to style it!
I think it's kind of fun. Plus, there's that whole novelty of vintage thing...
I have this necklace and it's one of my favorites! It's from Forever21, but they aren't there anymore.
I really want these shorts. Maybe I'll try to make them.
Cool Etsy find.

You can never go wrong with Doctor Seuss. I take that back, you probably could if you really wanted to.
Obviously that last post was a joke. Obviously that last post was a stupid joke. April Fools! Did you know that in France April Fools Day is called Poisson d'avril? The literal translation is April fish (or fish of April). Weird name? It's a holiday dedicated to taping a paper fish on someone's back. Honestly, that's about it. So, as today is April 1st, enjoy this fish themed post!

The End of The Abduction of A Poet's Muse

This is my last post. Sadly, the bomb shelter that I've been staying in is being shutdown. Something about Y2K having come and gone 11 years ago and disaster being averted and there's no more reason to stay there... It's a load of crap. Besides, what a terrible time to be leaving the bomb shelter! Uh, hello? 2012, anyone???? Anyway. I guess they'll be moving us to a top secret installation and I won't have access to the internet there because of radiation levels and interference with signals from space and security reasons. I don't know much about where we'll be staying but they did give me a postcard! Here's a picture:Pretty!
(area51, courtesy of Google)