Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Lace is the very picture of ladylike fashion, and I think it's just gorgeous! I have some pictures of Zooey Deschanel here because I think she's the cutest crazy person ever! I love her band- She&Him and her clothes and her movies... she's just so adorable and definitely a deserving style icon. Anyway... There are also pictures of Taylor Swift- who is also very cute, and Alexa Chung- who has probably THE BEST personal style of the century (of, course she is tied with Deschanel for this title). Yep. Check out Etsy, Alloy, Delias, and Forever21 for some great lace pretties. Does pretties sound stupid in this context? Pssh, no! Please feel free to comment on my posts if you like them or even want to give me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Nothing mean or nasty, please, because (obviously) that's just not nice (hence, the word mean). Love,

The Beginning of a New Era... (for lOVESHINE)

Yay! I have finally entered the world of sophisticated fashion blogging! I know, hold the applause, please. I'd like to thank God and my mom and my friends and my second cousin twice removed and my friend's cute brother... Ha! Anyhoo... This is the first ever post including a picture of me! This is a pic of the outfit I wore to school today, my Finnish friend Anna in her adorable outfit, an outfit I wore to a play last year (to the theater! [I loudly exclaimed this in an English accent while writing this]), and the outfit I wore to be a fortune teller for spirit week. I wore the shirt in the fortune telling outfit yesterday with my "identical twin" because this weekend at a thrift store we found the same one in her size. Anyhoo... Today's outfit is the one with the violet shirt and teal skirt, Anna is the foxy blond with the beautiful lace dress (happy Anna? I didn't call you cute! [she hates cute because she feels like people are talking to her like they'd talk to a puppy, so I've started calling her foxy instead because that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with canines]) If I think of a good theme to post about I'll write another one tonight; if not, good night darlings, expect to hear from me again tomorrow. Love,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bowler Hat/ Derby Hat... now that's what I call retro...

Okay! I am excited! Here are some updates:
1.) I got batteries for my camera so hopefully I'll have the first ever picture of me on my blog tomorrow
2.) My views are almost to 1,000! Thank you so much everyone who has ever read my blog, I love you all!
3.) I got my very first none-family-member follower of Loveshine! I adore you Sophia!
Now to the post...
Bowler/Derby hats! I love them! They're so fashionable- especially in my town. I went to the mall with some friends on Saturday and I wore my Indiana Jones-esque Fedora and no one else there was wearing anything remotely similar. Some people even looked at me weirdly. Sad. I've been searching for a good bowler/derby and have decided that the best (and cheapest) place to get a good quality hat is Etsy.com. Vintage! Whoo! Please, check it out... I found some awesome pics of outfits with bowler/derby hats from lookbook. I love lookbook for inspiration from fashionable, regular girls like moi! I love the idea of a bowler hat with a side braid and nerdy glasses. Anyway... Good night, darlings. Love,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rompers... play time all the time?

Okay, so I was a little hesitant in accepting the idea of grown women and teenage girls dressing up in children's play-suits and strutting around like it was fashionable. But my friend Anna just bought a super-cute one and I am now convinced that they're the best thing since sliced bread. So I've been searching for a cute floral romper for a few hours and have found a few affordable ones. I'm including some in this post along with some pics from GoogleImages of great outfits with rompers. I think a really brilliant outfit would be a flirty floral romper, a black derby hat worn with a side braid- especially something unique like a fish tail braid, tights, boots or heels or even sneakers, and some nerdy glasses. This post serves a dual purpose: to tell all of my dear readers of my plans for updating the blog. Be expecting sometime in the near future: daily pics of my outfits, pictures of random people on the street with uniquely cute clothes (street style), and pics of outfits I put together at thrift stores (modeled by my friends or me). I want this thing to be as helpful, fun, professional, and inspirational as possible! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, darlings. Love,
most of these rompers are from lulus or tillys