Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oxford Shoes

Sayla Oxford from Alloy. The sides are really cute, eh?
Wanted Utica from Delias. These are cute. I have some like this that I got way on sale from JCPenney.
These are from Forever21, I've always adored Forever21. These are quite wonderful, I love them because the little oxford-esque tie gives them more character than the average flats.
I would LOVE to wear these on my feet! The lace/cut-out detail is so pretty! They make me think of proper Victorian ladies... with a tough, grunge kind of flair!
How sweet are these sneakers?
Ah... two amazing things mixed together: floral and oxfords!
Don't these look cozy? They're from Etsy, and they remind me of hiking.
Awww, flowers... I've been obsessed with cutout oxfords since this girl at school had some awesome vintage ones, and *whack!*... obsessed.
What a great color.
Navid O'Nadia is a really great shoe designer, and these are vintage, so... even better! Not to mention cheaper. Plus, Nadia is one of my favorite names.
These are so, so cute. The little booty (I don't mean booty like a pirate or like a butt, just meaning boot-like!) part at the top makes them really unique.
Such pretty earth-tones! And the little stirrup detail is magically quaint!
These are vintage and cute, too.
I love these, too. They would brighten my day as well as my feet!
Saddle shoes are super-duper.
Pretty color and cut-out.
Golden!!! Shiny!!!
How I would love it if these were in my size! Alas! They are 7 1/2-ish. Sad.

Oxfords automatically make you look smart. Presto-changeo! Just like that! Throw on a blazer and nerd glasses and you've got yourself one insta-smart person! Now, if only I could find myself some heeled brown vegan leather oxfords! They were once within my grasp but then, at the last moment, they slipped away... Oh, lamentable day! O cruel Fate, to put into my sight such beauty just to pull them away once again. Many a time has such a sad instance occurred, and if only... oh, if only...
I've been feeling very Shakespeare lately! How how I would loveth to go to a Shakespeare festival!

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