Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling a Little Crafty?

These weren't actually in this years competition; I put them in last year. The first one is a portrait of my eldest sister, and the second was my first (remotely good) painting. The painting is supposed to be of Ireland! These were already on my computer so I figured: hey, visual aids!

I am! Feeling crafty, I mean. I've been wanting to make... well, EVERYTHING! lately. Yesterday I made Valentines for three of my friends, my mommy, my dad, one of my sisters, and my three nephews. I was also feeling sentimental for the good ol' days in elementary school when everyone made cute little mailboxes or pouches for their desks and passed out those little Valentines with the cute little sticker hearts! Oh, how I miss those days! I got 1 (I repeat: 1) Valentine... one! And it was from one (I repeat: one! Too much?) of my nephews. And it was only after I had already given them theirs. But I was super excited anyway, because I desperately wanted one (well, I didn't want one. I wanted multiples! I should say: I wanted at least one.) I think the highlight of the day was when my sister, Courtney, made our mommy and me raspberry pancakes with chocolate sauce and honey drizzled on them. Uhhh... yummmm... Well, maybe not quite the highlight of the day. I really, really LOVE food! But I've got to say that if anything was better than eating the raspberry-chocolate goodness that was breakfast it was talking to... someone... about... stuff... for approximately 45 minutes. He is enjoyable to talk to (look at [but really talk to {and look at}] but it makes sense that to talk to him I have to look at him. Which I do not mind doing. Anyhoo...). It was a good day. Moving on from what was probably my least-suckish Valentine's Day yet: This Friday the art from my high school's art competition is going to be displayed in the art gallery area of the local cultural foundation! We're having a nice big exhibition with finger foods and everything! Except wine. Apparently that isn'y appropriate for a high school art exhibit...? Who knew? This will be the first- and hopefully not the last- time my art will be in a gallery. Besides the time I was walking around a gallery downtown with my big bag, in which I always keep a sketch pad. Somehow I just don't think that counts! Anyway, this long-winded babbling crap load has all been my round about way of leading into the main point of this post (and seemingly my entire existence lately): baking! Since we get to have finger foods at the exhibition, I finally have an excuse to make my zucchini bread mini muffins! Oh, the world revolves around the sun, the best time to plant corn in coastal Mississippi is February 25th to March 18th, and life makes sense again! I have never before had an urge this strong to bake! I've never even baked! Unless you count the occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies, and minimally helping my brother/sister/best friend make cake/brownies. But, all of a sudden, I just want to create! I want to make crafty little crafts [?], food, art, gifts, clothes; honestly I'd make just about anything right now. Don't quote me on that, and if anyone has any suggestions on other fun craft ideas I would freakin' love you if you would comment below unless you have a nasty suggestion or want to say something snarky. If that is the case, please feel free to comment, but also leave your email address so I can write you a strongly worded letter. Okay, moving on! I'll probably make the muffins Friday, since I have class Thursday and the showing is at night anyway, and I'll try to take pictures of the process and post it- along with the recipe- here. By the way, I made hummus on Monday but I didn't take pictures. Which turned out to be a good thing since the hummus did not turn out to be a good thing! It would've been marvelous if I had had enough chickpeas! But alas! I didn't even go to the store to get any ingredients because, for some crazy reason we had all of them just laying around the house! Except that our can of chickpeas was 15 ounces and the recipe called for 19 ounces. This set in motion the hummus apocalypse! I was a ninny and decided not to adapt the recipe to the smaller can of chickpeas. I don't know if you'd really call what I did a decision; it was more like I just glazed over the details, blacked out and woke up with a terrible and unfix-able mess. This one detail totally screwed everything up, I mean, it tasted like butt and sesame seed oil (which is lovely in small amounts but-trust me- not in large amounts!), and it turned out like butt-sesame-hummus soup... mmmm... I loved it! Alright, I wrote an essay here instead of a concise post! Now, if only I could sit down and write the THREE essays that are actually due for college! I know, it's awesome! Love,
P.S.: I'm watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Does this mean I am now officially my mom? Food for thought.

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