Saturday, February 12, 2011

Floral, Flowers, Froot Loops?

Here is a lovely floral dress from Alloy. It looks really cute with the brown braided belt
I love Doc Martins, they're all 90's grunge and super great! I think it's fun to mix that whole badass grunge look with flowery little girl floral!

Floral shorts are so adorable, I'd wear them with a loose, pretty white top and, just for fun, a daisy crown.

I love glasses! Man, I'm so excited for Spring!!! Anyway... I'd wear these glasses with the floral shorts and be really overkill with my wearing of flower-print.
Cute floral hoodie. It's not horrendously expensive but I think there's a really cheap similar one at Walmart. Not that I've ever shopped there, or anything...
Oh, I just adore these earrings from Etsy. They're so pretty and unique.

A precious little daffodil ring is the best possible thing to wear for springtime.
I used to fit in my mommy's adorable high-waisted floral shorts. But sadly, my chilbearing hips will not fit into them anymore. I haven't had children, or anything. I just have the hips for it! I had to clear that up. That I do not have children. Not that I have anything against children. I would like to have them someday. Just not now. Seeing as I'm 16. Anyway.
Wow, this is so pretty. I'm feeling inspired!!!! The outfit below is very inspiring, too. It's from lookbook and it's one of cutest outfits I've ever seen. I have to put the description for that outfit up here because I tried to below and the font started freaking out.
Froot Loops? Does anyone know why Kellogg's decided to spell "fruit" wrong? I have no idea. I'm not sure why I included Froot Loops in this post either. I guess I'm just a little bit off my rocker. Rocking chair...
Today I had an unbelievable urge to play in the forest, with wildflowers in my hair, wearing a pretty floral sundress. Alas, I did not do this because I had to babysit and it's cold and grey outside. This made me sad because, as previously stated, my urge to play in the forest was unbelievable. When Spring is here I will fulfill my destiny! Maybe I'll even wear faerie wings when I do! Is that weird? Ah, I think not! Flowers are lovely. That is my last thought on the matter. Love,

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