Tuesday, February 1, 2011

By the Way...

It's February!!!!! The most depressing of all the months. Don't deny it, you know it's true. Hell, my birthday is in February and I don't deny the inevitable depression that comes with this saddest and grayest of times. So, I have decided (literally, just now. As I am writing these very words) that my goal for this February is to keep the month as bright as I possibly can for as many people as I possibly can. I will probably fail and I, along with about 95.6% of my readers, will slip into a deep and numbing depression, replete of all sense of direction and purpose. Anyhoo... I will try!!!!! I will really try!!!! Happy birthday Aquarians and Pisceans! And let's all wear bright colors and eat cupcakes with silly little frosting flowers in a last-bid attempt to stave off seasonal depression. Sounds like a plan to me... Love and bright days,

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