Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Is My Favorite!

I love fall! The leaves fall from the trees and litter the ground with vibrant orange, vivacious yellow, and ruby red! Everyone dresses up for Halloween and the children beg for free candy from strangers... Halloween is my absolute favorite! It's also the perfect weather for sweaters and soup. And O how I adore sweaters and soup! This post is about the majestic beauty of autumn and the best colors and styles to wear at this magical and mysterious time of year. Yeah. Doesn't that sound fancy? Cozy cable knits! Pumpkin orange! Earthy brown! Sage green! Are you feeling inspired by all these exclamation points! Have fun and wear scarves and chunky knit hats! Drink tea and wear boots! Love,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

London Fashion

So I figured that, in the interest of fairness, I should write a post on London fashion because Paris is not the only fashionable place in the world. Now, you must understand that not only have I never been to Paris, but I've also never been to London (or anywhere else outside of the United States). So this is once again only my interpretation of the street style of a place that I've never walked the streets of. Yeppers. Though American fashion is mainly Hollister and Abercrombie there are good, creative aspects. Believe it or not. So, in much the same way, I'm sure there are some aspects of British fashion that I wouldn't be obsessed with, there are many that I am... or at least things inspired by it. It seems like they wear tights (especially textured or bright colored), layers, and oxford shoes often. Anyhoo... Love,

Monday, October 18, 2010

French Dressing reminds me of eating french fries with ranch dressing which I love

French clothes! French fashion! French Dressing! La vetements de la francais! Ha Ha! As we all know Paris is the fashion capitol of the world and I LOVE IT! So here is a tres belle post about french style. Whenever I get runs in my tights I'm okay with it because I once read on a french fashion blog that destroyed tights are cool there (like destroyed jeans in America). I love quirky avante garde art-like clothes, pastel color pallet, flowy fabrics, neutral colors, and feminine details for french style.Though to be honest (and so I don't offend any french people in the wide world of internet [who speak english, if you don't I can say pretty much anything I want {just kidding}] ) I haven't ever been to France so I have no way of really knowing what I'm talking about. This is just my interpretation of the little I know about french fashion (and what I've learned from the lovely Miss Pandora). Enjoy my attempt at french fashion,please, my loves! Love,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Teaparty

I bet you're jealous of my white lace parasol. I mean, if you had a white lace parasol I'd probably be jealous of you, too. Yeah... I'm crazy. So for the past year I've been obsessed with having a tea party, my friends and I have been planning on having one for like a year but we have yet to get to it. Sometimes I love to dress in ladylike tea party clothes. Pastel color pallet, lace, big pretty sunhats, and/or a parasol. So... for your viewing pleasure... some beautiful tea party clothes. With a twist. I really like this picture of Taylor Swift, I'd love to do something like it for my senior picture. I don't care what anyone says about her, I think she's adorable and seems like a genuinely nice person. Yep. I just love lace and dresses in general. For my tea party I'm going to make a flower crown and wear it in my hair... Well, have a lovely day, my darlings. Love,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I HAVE NEVER... rode my horse in my riding boots

So I have these equestrian boots... No. They're more than that. They are God's gift to the world, they are my life. Well... maybe I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I'm exaggerating very much. They're Rocket Dog riding boots (see below picture). I spent a year internet exploring for affordable equestrian boots, and then one day when I was exhausted and near giving up, I saw them... Haaaah (angel noise)... the light at the end of the tunnel! I was flipping through my Delias magazine, and there they were, my true love in boot form (?) They were literally perfect, I wouldn't change anything about them. They're faux leather, hit just under the knee, partial lace-up, beautiful dark brown, and $80- the cheapest ones I had found in my year long web-safari. So here is a post to all those out there with riding boots or who are searching for riding boots (check out or, if you're one of those turd faces with size 8 feet, etsy almost always has vintage riding boots for size 8 women) or who have yet to be convinced that they are something they could actually wear without jodhpurs and a helmet. I wear my boots with anything really, they're perfect for fall fashion and weather. My favorite semi-equestrian look is boots with a cream lace dress. My favorite actress is Camilla Belle and there's this issue of Teen Vogue with her as the cover girl from 2006. Well, it's the greatest cover story with amazing photographs and my favorite clothes. I've included a picture here. They also look great with a calf-length skirt. I wore a vintage floral calf-length skirt, my mom's (my) brown belt, my drapey gray sweater, and- of course- my awesome riding boots, with my grandma's monocle, a little gold elf necklace from my mommy, and my new clock-face earrings. I wore this to school and then an art show. People at school made comments like: "you know, you look like you should be from Victorian times", while at the art show I blended in perfectly. You gotta love artists... Above are some lovely pictures to inspire you, my dears. Love,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steampunk Fashion

The other day the new Sherlock Holmes was on TV, so i watched it four times in a row. Then I went to the internet and searched for steampunk fashion for a few hours. Then I listened to Professor Elemental: the world's greatest steampunk rapper. This isn't obsessive (yes it is). So, needless to say, I am now thoroughly addicted to steampunk. I wore my grandma's monocle to school. It was awesome. I bought little airplane earrings, and clock-face earrings, and wore them to school, too. I spent literally an entire day looking for an affordable corset, and emerged from my internet exploration with the firm decision to make my own. The goal of this post is to get you as hooked on steampunk as I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch a marathon of Wild Wild West (the one with Will Smith), Sherlock Holmes (another 50 times), and Time Machine. In case you're a steampunk ingenue, I will fill you in: those are all steampunk movies. Here are some pictures so you can have some kind of idea what I'm talking about. Au revoir... Love,

Wonderfully Nerdy Fashion Post

I am once again going to attempt to figure out how to add pictures to my posts. When I finally figure it out it will probably be something insanely easy and I will feel like a thumphead (that is my mommy's word). Who out in the wide-world of internet-land watches Criminal Minds? First of all... LOVE THAT SHOW. And second of all I have a slight crush on Spencer Reid (the crazy-smart young profiler. The actor who plays him is actually a model... yeah.) So today I was inspired to dress like a smart person, as he always does, because it seemed like it would be fun. Besides it fit me seeing as I'm a genius... So I wore a sweater vest. Yes a sweater vest, the epitome of nerd fashion. But I am a nerd so I can say that. I wore a denim pencil skirt, a short-sleeved plaid blue and green button-down, and my little ruffly flat gray booties. People stared at me all day, expecting that at any moment my mouth would open and out would pop quantum theory... which by the way I could explain to you, or wormhole theory... which I am the foremost expert on in my whole state. Yes. I can wear a sweater vest. Isn't it funny that I can understand wormhole theory but I can't figure out how to post pictures on my blog? Hey i figured it out! It just takes time... Love,