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Hey dear readers! If you're reading this then that must mean... you've found my blog and were interested enough to read the About the Author section of The Abduction of a Poet's Muse! Congratulations! Well, my name is Bellamy and that is French for beautiful friend, in case you were sitting there like "huh, I wonder what Bellamy means and what language it is." My last name means pirate; plunderer; marauder, and it's Gaelic. In case you were wondering about that, too. I'm very artistic and I love music (and musicians), painting, photography, and, well, just about everything else having to do with art. I'm going into my junior year of college. I'm pursuing doctoral degrees in not one, but two areas of study: archaeology and cultural anthropology. I'm passionate about human rights (especially among the Roma, Indigenous South Americans, and the Untouchables in India). Another major passion of mine is writing- really, writing almost anything! Poetry, songs, blog posts, stories, journalism, etc. My dream is to find a tall, dark fellow with calloused hands who plays Flamenco music on guitar and loves the social sciences, adopt a two-kid sibling group from Bulgaria, and live in a pirate ship made of recycled materials. I live in scenic Idaho and enjoy taking my Saint Bernard, Lady Katie, for LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH. Yes, I am a walking cliche! But honestly, who doesn't like long walks on the beach?

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