Thursday, February 3, 2011

AHOY MATEY!!! Fashion for sailors?

Well, at least girls who enjoy sailors. Or rather, the clothes that they wear. Or rather, the clothes that's inspired by the clothes that they wear. *Remove foot from mouth* I don't know what it is about sailboats, but in my book they're cooler than that man-eating dragon that plays the lyre for tips on the corner of first and second(Oh, who am I kidding. NOTHING is cooler than Marty.)

I like this scarf a great deal and it is. A great deal, that is.

Yes, i realize that this dress could possibly be seen as horizontal stripe OVERLOAD!!! But no, I think not. Just pair it with the right crap, et voila! Perfect! I'm thinking a soft and cozy cream-colored cardigan and loads of bangles with some pretty-yet-not-over-the-top flat sandals. Yeah, that sounds real nice. Is it just me, or is it really creepy when people say that? "That's nice, that's reeeaal nice." *Shudder*
I want this shirt. I shall have it! In the catalogue from whence it came it is shown in a super-adorable outfit. They put it over a long boho-esque dress, which sounds weird but- trust me dear friends for I would not decieve you- it was really cute and chill. See how I put the word 'chill' in italics? That means it's really chill. Well... I should probably go read my Classical Mythology textbook. Love,

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