Friday, February 11, 2011

Did Anyone notice?

Just in case anyone did notice the name change, I can explain. Consider this "The Blog Formerly Known as lOVESHINE". When the blog started out it was (and I was) quite a different creature. Over the course of this adventure in blogging, I've realized that I want this blog to go in a certain direction and the previous title of this blog- lOVESHINE- was not capable of supporting those crazy, crazy concepts that I need to include. It's hard to explain. Just check out this blog in the future... maybe then you'll understand. The blog is now called The Abduction of a Poet's Muse because, yes, I really am that deep. I don't know if I can do it- since I've never had a diary- but, since this blog was already serving as an unofficial diary for me, I figured "why not?"[UPDATE ALERT] I will continue to post about fashion (hopefully even more extensively and with alot more street style and such) but I'm also going to be posting about food, books, movies, art, and basically just the complexities of growing up a displaced and angsty teen in a world that somehow never does quite measure up to ye olde ballads that made Romanticism seem like Reality. I'm not really sure if my life is all that interesting but I constantly narrate in my head everything that happens to me and live my life as if I were a heroine in an adventure novel and, if I may say so myself, that is a seriously entertaining way to live your life! I've got some plans stewing in my crazy brain that I feel people will enjoy! I've been planning to make a sheet fort like I did when I was little, have a tea party with friends, go on a road trip (exciting!), have a Mayday celebration (equip with a maypole and everything), OH! And did I mention? I'm leaving the country this summer! Hopefully to Ireland! Oh gosh, how I'd love to go to Ireland! Well, please continue to stop in every once in a while (or daily and religiously as my blog is so obviously the center of your personal little universe [kidding!]) and check out my life-story as it is being written. Ooh! History in the making, my friends!

P.S.: The reason my URL has to stay the same is because I get most of my views from people looking up "Hermione's clothes from Deathly Hallows part 1" and apparently if you search that it will still take you to letyourloveshinefashionart and there's no way to get it to go to a new URL (at least no way that I know of), so if I ever find a way I will tell you! But if not... well, the blog is not called lOVESHINE anymore. It's called The Abduction of a Poet's Muse. No matter what you address bar is telling you.

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