Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Since Last We Met... I Have Found Myself!

First off, my teaparty was lovely! My sister, Meli, got me garbanzo bean flour (highest protein content of any flour she's found)- yay! My other sister- Court- got me these cool feather hair insert things... I don't know how to explain but they're way boho and really chill. I love them! I also checked out the Greek restaurant downtown with my friends (because one sushi place was closed and the other was packed), I'm glad we did! It was delish! Gosh, I hate it when people say delish. Except in the jellyfish song: "take some jelly, take some fish, put 'em together delish..."
Now, you may have been wondering what I meant by "I have found myself". Well, I'll tell you! I discovered August Rush, one of the most beautiful movies of all time that everyone should absolutely see, and after watching it I realized what it is that has been missing from my life: a sensitive Irish musician who would love me enough to spend 11 years pining for me after knowing me for only 1 night. It's true! You have to see the movie to understand! I haven't felt quite right since I watched this movie and I feel like the only way to remedy it is to run off to Ireland and find my sensitive-yet-sexy Irish musician. Sadly I do not have the resources, sooo... maybe I'll just ask my high school crush to speak to me in an Irish accent. Yeah. I think I seriously will. I wonder how he'll react. Hee hee.
I'm watching American Idol; does anyone else LOVE that Abrams guy? He's freakin' awesome... I'd go for him. Mostly because he plays cello and I just find cellists invariably sexy. Don't know what it is.
I also decided to pick up the violin again. I took violin lessons in 5th grade but I rented the violin. I've been begging for one since 5th grade but never got one. This is my year! I went to the pawn shop and found one for $149, super cheap and pretty good quality. Couldn't convince Mommy to buy it until we check out some other places but I will get one. If I do get to go over seas this summer I'll try to buy one from a band of Gypsies, or Travellers if I go to Ireland (where I'll also find my musician), but who knows if that will actually happen. Wouldn't it be crazy-amazing though? Yes! I say:" yes, it would!"
By the way: check out these videos: Something Inside, This Time and Moondance from August Rush. Oh God, the accent!

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