Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm as FREE as a Bird now

A bunch of peacock feather tights from Look From London. They have even more colors available! From a variety of sources. Just Google Image it, you'll see...

Subtle, but pretty. And Hella expensive, I'm sure.
Simple, for those of us who want in on the trend without looking too bird-like.
I adore this shirt! It looks like my violet one- kind of. They're both from Forever21.
I like the tribal-feel of these earrings. And their mini-little price tag!
... and this bird you can't change
this bird you can't change
Lord knows I can't change...
I love that song:) Especially the version by Joey+Rory.
Feathers! In my opinion THE PERFECT Springtime essential. One CAN go wrong with feathers (just look at countless celebrities), but there are so many ways to do RIGHT with feathers that it's just insane that anyone ever does wrong! Did that make sense? I don't know! My favorite way to accessorize with feathers is just a good ol' fashioned feather in the hair! Like a Native American Princess... Also, feather earrings- I was wearing those years before they were cool! I've also seen alot of rad feather hair clips and head bands. So yeah, there are billions of ways to wear feathers!

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