Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweatpants and Fashion?

My number #1 rule of what I am not willing to wear outside of the house: Pajama pants. Who the HELL ever decided that was a good idea?! " Uh yeah, let's all be giant slobs and wear our nightclothes to school! Ya know what? Why don't we wear slippers too?!" In winter no less!!!! Sorry. I was ranting, I must admit. But that's just my Victorian mentality talking. Anyway! Moving on! My #2 rule: sweatpants. You shan't be seeing me walking around in sweatpants and shouting "fabulous!" (with a little gay voice inflection, like Ffahhhbyoolaaahhhsss!). Of course, I don't let out a hearty "fabulous" no matter what I'm wearing. But... I saw this outfit that I would be willing to relax my morals a wee bit for:)
This is the outfit, all put together. Sorry it isn't a better picture, but I broke down the outfit below. On the very bottom, you will see a picture from Forever21 with Harem pants. Which are pretty much just sweatpants, but all... harem-y. Or something. I don't know. I guess they have a droopy crotch or something, but they're actually really cute in the right outfit.

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