Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vintage Gunne Sax Prom Dress

I should be doing homework right now. I'm such a procrastinator!!! I have to do an entire assignment for Philosophy, another huge one for Anthropology, a paper for Speech, and extra credit paper for Anth, a speech for... well, Speech, two extra credit projects for US History... AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! College sucks when you have debilitating mood swings!!! But yesterday I found a gorgeous vintage gunne sax prom dress for $32.50. Way to go bright side! I found a picture of the same dress on Etsy since I have no one to take a picture of me in mine (*sniffle*). So, to clarify, the lady in the picture is not me. After I bought my dress from MY FAVORITE THINGS, I went to WIGGETTS and found the same one in a smaller size. My friend can wear it so we can be twinsies! This would be weird if we had dates, but since none of us do... all of us should match! We could all go in a big group of pretty pink lacy princesses! ANYWAY... That dress much improved my mood yesterday, and playing Ray LaMontagne on my acoustic guitar improved my mood today.
BelleThis is the first time I've ever been able to wear a dress without a bra! Usually it doesn't work with my... ummm... boobs. I gave up trying to come up with a creative way to say that. I have huge jugs. There you go. But I'm going to be a vision in this princess-y dress!!


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  2. When you say "thanks for sharing this!", are you referring to that last little bit of writing under the picture? Haha, just kidding! But really...