Monday, March 7, 2011

10 days! To Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Not exactly how it looks when mommy makes it but... close enough! Still looks delicious. In fact, I am salivating.
See, aren't these hats cute?! The ones at ATI are awesome and authentic.

Cute. Like a wee leprechaun.

Crap this made me laugh! It's so accurate... Just kidding! Not all Irish are drunks. Just the fun ones.
I'm so happy St. Patrick's Day is approaching! It's one of my favorite holidays! I'm so Irish, I pee green. NO I don't. I thought I should clear that up because I'm pretty sure that's a symptom of some horrendous disease or something... and I wouldn't want to worry you... Anyhoo! I am Irish (extremely) and I am crazy about the holiday (crazy!), so naturally I'm quite pleased. The best thing about St. Patty's Day in my family is that it's the one time a year when we have corned beef and cabbage. mmmmm.... It's my favorite meal and I don't know why we don't have it more often, but that's just the way it is! So I'm definitely looking forward to that! I also enjoy pinching people. It's true, I have a demented side that's just dying to come out and attack! Well, at least pinch. Yep. I'm a little spacy today, so you'll have to forgive me. In honor of Saint Patty's Day I am going to beg my mommy to take me to All Things Irish (the cute little Irish store in Coeur d' Alene) to get an Irish newsboy hat with my leftover b-day money. IF they're not too expensive. When the day comes nearer I shall post a... post... on what to wear for St. Patrick's Day. Until then mon cheri... Until then.

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