Friday, December 31, 2010

Corduroy Blazers! And Happy New Year!

So, for a moment, let us assume that I am Super and hail from the planet Krypton. As we all know, my weakness would be Kryptonite. If you aren't a supernerd then, unlike the thousands of people out there who are (like me!), you probably wouldn't know that there is more than one kind of Kryptonite. So, to steer this post back towards corduroy blazers, lets just say that for me corduroy blazers are red Kryptonite and shoes are green Kryptonite. This long-winded analogy makes sense to me because blazers and shoes are my weaknesses and shoes are the only weakness (fashion-wise) that cause me physical pain :) Anyhoo! Corduroy blazers are great because, well, I'm not sure why. I'm just obsessed with them! They make me feel like a really cool investigative journalist who hangs out in a cafe. The greatest thing is that you can find them in almost any thrift store- usually in good condition! People take their blazers to the thrift store because 'omg they are sooo last season', not because there's actually anything wrong with them. SO, if you're like me and actually like and want to dress outside of the current trends, then you should really hit up that thrift store on the corner- especially Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul's. I have corduroy blazers in a wide assortment of colors (my goal is every color of the rainbow... AND BEYOND!) including: burgundy, khaki, berry, and teal. That isn't very many, I know, but I've also bought my sister a rust-colored one and desperately attempted to squeeze into billions of too-small ones and been basically drowned in too-large ones. They can be worn in many different ways. Yesterday I wore the berry one with a ruffly dusty-rose skirt, nude tights, and black combat boots. Weird? It was actually adorable (if clothes can be schizophrenic, mine are!). Today I'm wearing a teal blazer with jeans and brown riding boots (I'm being low-key today). An outfit is always in the details: jewelry, gasses (I meant to say glasses but I thought it was funny that I accidentally said gasses), socks, tights, belts, and even ponytail holders really do matter! Have fun, dears. BUT NOT TOO MUCH FUN!!! Be safe this New Years! Wow, can you believe it? 2011! My resolutions are to be happy, healthy, and do something worth doing (like have a gypsy summer traveling around or live in a tree and practice my archery [any other Robin Hood fanatics out there?]), oh yeah and do my knee exercises (I need to be doing those!). New Years really is a good time to make changes for the better! The trick is keeping those resolutions past January! Love,
PROPS TO: for the Baby Corduroy Blazer with two buttons, for an adorable outfit example, for another great vintage outfit, for her outfit with American Eagle blazer, rag & bone from, washed corduroy blazer from, and tall corduroy campus blazer from

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