Thursday, December 9, 2010

I like to dress as European as possible which may be amusing to some of my European readers

It's just that I've seen these wonderful pictures of European street style! There are such creative, confident people all over the world who express themselves through fashion. Seriously, if you're looking for inspiration come here first (of course) but also check out lookbook. It's THE place for fashionable/artistic people. My blog is called letyourloveshinefashionart because I believe your clothes should be wearable art that expresses your individual style. I haven't posted my daily outfits the last few days because I've been wearing my pajamas around the house instead of something completely adorable and entirely original to school. Here's today's outfit. The shorts are cut-off Calvin Klein jeans, the tank top is just a simple under tank from Hollister, the tights are Hue (which is a good brand for tights so they're great but a little more expensive than your everyday tights, but thankfully I found them really cheap at Ross Dress For Less [I adore Ross, I hope all my readers enjoy the wonderland that is Ross]), the boots are Rocket Dog (and I know it seems like I'm always wearing them, but I can't help it because I just love them so much), and the cardigan is from Delias (the actual cardi- Blair Preppy Cardigan- might not be there anymore unless it's on last chance clearance, but there are alot of similar ones). The most unique part of the outfit is the jewelry. I'm wearing my favorite amethyst ring, my lucky Irish astrology pendant, an Indonesian bracelet from Lucky Monkey (which is an awesome shop I talked about in an older post. Make sure you look through those, they're gems) a jade bracelet my dad bought from a little stand when he was in Africa, 2 No-Plastic bracelets from Claire's (made of natural, recycled materials and no plastic), and another bracelet that's proceeds go to a charity to build libraries in Africa (Love In Action is the charity). Along with some awesomely exotic-looking earrings that my sister, Mel, gave me when her ear-holes closed up. I still need to write a post on crocheted clothes, but maybe not tonight. Tired brain. This weekend I'm thrift store shopping so I'm bound to get some good pics then. Oh yeah, and be prepared for a fright: next week is spirit week at my school for the Lakeland/Post Falls rivalry game! We have some super themes. But
I shan't disclose them here, out in the open, in case of attempts at espionage on the Post Falls side of things. Haha! Love,
(I feel like I have to write out haha! every time so people understand that I'm laughing and joking around because I refuse to say lol or jk. Ew. Just can't really stand that, you know?) (uugh! especially when people say it! Why would you say lol?! Why don't you just laugh?! Or OMG?! Why the letters? Are you lazy or do you just really enjoy the alphabet?!) (okay. My tangent is over now. I so hope I didn't offend anyone.) Good night darlings!

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