Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to wear animal print according to my dad...

Okay. So I was inspired by the book Sh*t my Dad Says to write this post. The day after Thanksgiving we were eating leftovers for Dad's birthday and his fiance was wearing a gray leopard print shirt and she was a little self-conscious about it because she'd never really worn gray or leopard print, so it was definitely a stretch for her to wear both together. So my dad turns to her and says- in a voice that would give the impression that he really knows what he's talking about- that it works and is fashionable for her to wear animal print because it wasn't in the actual color of the animal fur. Now you really need to understand a little something about my dad for this to make sense: my dad is not a fashionisto. He wears Otomix pants and Otomix shoes with a fanny pack and- invariably- some martial arts t-shirt every day. When he said this I turned to my sister just as she turned to me and we both had this look like 'huh. reeally. you don't say, I didn't know Dad was an expert on fashion now'. I mean, okay, sure, so he bought his first pair of real pants, but an expert? So here is a post of different articles of clothing that follow my dad's Laws of Fashion. Law #1: animal prints are only acceptable if they are in a color other than the natural color of the animal. Love,

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