Monday, January 3, 2011

Super! And I mean that in the absolute nerdiest way possible...

"What way is that, Bellamy?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you! In a super way. As in superman. Ah! Now you know my secret! (Which is, in point of fact, the absolute worst kept secret in the history of secrets since I talk about my deep and undying love for Superman on- in fact- a daily basis. Now, didn't that sound factual?) Anyhoo... This is me. The clothes are mine. I wore them on this very day. Which was, in fact, quite a wonderful day. Partially due to the fact that I saw a certain someone who I haven't seen in two weeks and greatly enjoy talking to, looking at, and basically just fawning over. I know: what does any of this have to do with fashion? Well, I'll tell you... Nothing! Absolutely nothing! That's right... no thing. So today I wore a dusty rose colored skirt (which is just the most fun thing in the world to twirl around in!), a "welcome to the dark side, we have cookies" monster t-shirt (which glows in the dark), my new black combat boots (bad a**), nude lace tights (which confuse people from far away. Many, many people thought there was something wrong with my legs: "You have something seriously wrong with the veins in your legs or some... oh! They're tights... cute." or my personal favorite: "Oh my gosh! You have tumors all over your legs!" I mean really, Sadie, tumors?), my staple drapey gray sweater with the cut-out crochet detail on the upper back, some wonderful jewelry (including the four bracelets that are the start to my [soon-to-be] extensive bangle collection, and the best part: my bright blue underwear.
Just kidding about that last part; I would never say that! My underwear is chartreuse. Ew. No. Actually my favorite part is... My Clark Kent glasses! (*gasp* who could have guessed!!)
Okay, mommy needs the laptop for genealogy, so: Good night, my sweets! Dearest wishes,
P.S.: please pay no attention to the ginormous zit that decided to sprout out of my face and use my body in a desperate (and premeditated) attempt to take over the galaxy! It's pretty gross. I named him Jim. I realize that I probably called attention to the blemish, and alot of you probably didn't even see it before I added this unnecessarily long post script, BUT I felt the need to comment on it's overall enormity. Okay. I'm done now. Got to go. Nighty night.


  1. "I saw a certain someone who I haven't seen in two weeks and greatly enjoy talking to, looking at, 'and basically just fawning over."

    hmm, can i use a guess my darlin? ;)


  2. I have no idea what you're talking about!!! Haha!