Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today! Is a BEAUTIFUL Day!

Hello Earthlings! Sorry, I didn't mean to discriminate against Martians and other inhabitants of other planets. Ya! So here is the outfit I wore today along with clothes inspired by the movie Prince of Persia, especially Tamina's beautiful clothes. I love that movie. I really wish I had the Sands of Time Necklace! The shirt I wore today is one of my favorites, because it reminds me of French ballerinas and tea parties. The boots are, of course, my true love in riding boot form, and the shorts are home-cut-off Calvin Klein jeans from a local thrift store. I wore my mom's oatmeal cardigan with the outfit for part of the day, but got hot (sweaty) in math class and had to take it off. This had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a certain someone I sit next to in that class... nope. Nothing. No thing. Heehee. Anyhoo. I'm a bit tired after writing my 5 page psych essay on OCD. So, gute nacht, bonne nuit, nakemiin, خوب شب , tunaydin, おやすみなさい, good night to you all, darlings! Love,

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