Thursday, December 30, 2010


So! I haven't written in a while... I guess I was taking time off for Christmas and such:) Today I am posting my first post since, I think, December 18th, and it is on... socks. Yes, socks. Oh, how I adore socks! Since birth, I've very rarely ever worn matching socks because I think it's bad luck. And because, somehow, and unfalteringly (?), my sock drawer has only one of each of the billions of pairs of socks at a time. There is no way around this. I've tried EVERYTHING. But That's okay. The only times in life my socks have had to match have been: a.) Cheerleading (my school's squad was pretty darn into uniformity), and b.) when I wear knee high socks (because it would look funny if I had one cream cable knit sock that hit higher on my leg than one gray fair isle sock. The only time my knee highs shouldn't match is spirit week [and believe me, that is an exciting time for me! {mostly because I get to wear mismatched knee highs}] [Wow! That was a ramble!]) Here are some awesome pictures of socks! Enjoy, mon amis! Love always and forever with all my heart you darling readers of mine,
P.S.: (from top, going right),, jcrewsocks @,,, circle of socks that I don't know where to find, leg avenue velvet thigh highs @,, New Patterns from Three Irish Girls @, ravenclaw harry potter socks @, American Apparel socks @

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