Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to... dance like a ballerina!

Or at least dress like one. I've always loved the clothes that ballerinas wear to dance, especially the shoes. I, of course, cannot dance ballet; nor have I ever taken lessons in my life. But! I like to pretend to be a ballerina because I never really got over that fantasy as a little girl and I so wish I could look that graceful while doing something so painful. An awesome place to find really cheap ballet supplies is, but if you don't want to go as far as wearing real ballet slippers and costumes, there are many look-alikes out there. Go to and search The Generation under sellers. This Etsy shop sells organic ballet flats for a price tag much smaller than other organic flat sellers. When you think of ballerina clothes you might think of tutus, and yes they do wear tutus, but there are some beautiful- and wearable- tutu-esque skirts in the world. Ballerinas also wear legwarmers and wrap sweaters. When I think of ballet I think of that beautiful pale pink that is so typical of ballet shoes and everything else associated with ballet! Ballet-inspired everyday style clothes come in a variety of colors now but work best in romantic colors such as pale pink, nude, burgundy, cream, and black. Love,

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