Friday, December 10, 2010


Finally! I just know the entire world has been waiting in suspense. "When will Bellamy- that wonderful, beautiful genius- post a... post... on crocheted clothes?! I'm losing my mind here!" Did I get carried away? I think not! So I found some awesome crochet looks (do you even realize how many ways there are to wear crochet?) on the world-wide-web while listening to the freespirited/Bohemian tunes from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and the wonderfully angry Irish rock of The Tossers and Flogging Molly (may I suggest that you listen to these bands while reading my blog?). Most of these crochet pieces are from Forever21, Alloy, Delias, and Etsy. I love a dark (or minimalistic floral) blouse with shorts and a longer cream-colored crocheted vest outfit idea. I think it would be an adorable and unique approach to a classic style. Yeah! I sound professional! Perhaps I will purchase a crochet vest. Or, you never really know, I probably already have one somewhere. Or maybe my mom does... in which case... she doesn't anymore... because that thing is mine!!! Love,

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