Saturday, December 18, 2010

how to wear animal print in a socially acceptable manner!:)

Okydoke. So after I wrote my last post on my dad's style law #1 I decided that I should write a post on how to wear animal print well instead of listening to my dad and looking like a deformed leopard that fell into a bucket of nasty. So... here are some pictures I found to delight and amaze you. Enjoy them. Done? Okay then, now go... eat a Popsicle or something, I don't know... Love,
I've got to give props to and the blog: chicisimo for some of the pictures (I found one of the pics of a girl with leopard tights on chicisimo, and another pic of a girl with leopard tights on modelmanagement) . The weirdo with the cat on her head is my sister. Yep. The cat isn't exactly a leopard but what rulebook says animal print has to be leopard, why can't it be black cat and still alive? Definitely not dead because thar (thar? What am I? A pirate?) that would be horrible and sad. But alive? Why not? Okay. I'm actually done now. Good night, dears.

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