Sunday, December 5, 2010

I rode my horse to a tea party while i attempted to dance ballet...

...awed and amazed the onlookers stared as I handed the reins to the valet. Lovely little limerick right off the top of my head. Hope you loved it. Okydokey. So, here is today's outfit. I wore my riding boots again with my ballet-teaparty shirt, olive legging-pants, green cardi, multicolored scarf, and little key earrings that remind me of steampunk. I look weird because I was eating licorice while my mom tried to take pictures of me.
I also included Street style! Well, people at my school with cute clothes (which are- believe me- few and far in between). My friends Anna and Shannon looked adorable, so I shot them! With a camera... And Sara from Harry Potter club and Sam- our fearless leader and Head Mistress of the Harry Potter club are also included! The blonds are my friends and the brunettes are fellow Hogwarts students. They're so cute. Anyhoo... Love,

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