Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tie Dye and warm weather

Tie Dye is my favorite thing to wear in warm weather! I have 3 tie dye tank tops, 1 tie dye skirt, and 1 tie dye dress. I think that's it. I love wearing the skirt- it's light blue and white and floor-length. It's nice comfy light cotton and never feels too hot. My dress is about calf length and dark blue and strapless- I like to wear it hiking which seems weird but it makes me feel wild and pretty! I love Summer but I hate summer fashion for the most part. Fall is easy to dress for but Summer is tough. It's all shorts and tank tops and for someone who wants to be unique all the time it feels rather like a scanty-clothes uniform. So tie dye at least adds visual interest to my outfits in the warm weather. So basically all Summer I'm wearing shorts, a tie dye tank top, cute sandals, and doing something fun with my hair- every day. Every day. At least I won't be cold. And I can go hiking! And swimming! Okay, I'm feeling pretty happy, pretty excited for Summer now!
P.S.: I was going to do a May Day post- with history and pretty dresses, but alas! my plans fell through and I was depressed. This weekend I'm going to try to have a belated May Day. We had everything planned out! We were going to have a May pole, a bonfire, flowing dresses, flower crowns... I was so excited. Beltane is one of my favorite holidays.
Okay, I'm actually done now.

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