Sunday, May 29, 2011

Springtime Creativity!

I have billions of ideas floating around in my head! The trouble is... actually acting on them. But there are some things that I'm already working on! Soon, I am going to make dandelion jelly (I have almost everything I need!) and in June I am making dandelion wine! I also have a recipe for stuffed grape leaves (click on picture for the recipe for this pic. It's not my recipe exactly but it looks good) that I'm going to make as soon as the grape leaves are all good and ready up on the hill. I have all of the things to make Hermione's beaded bag except the drawstring, so I'll make it once I find one.
If you've ever read my blog before, you know that I have an obsessive love for Gunne Sax dresses! This Summer, I'm going to make one (and my grandma is going to give me her old one!) for the first time! I've sewn a doll nightgown before (a gift for my younger cousin) but I've never sewn a full-size dress, so... wish me luck!

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  1. Oh, good luck, honey! Gunnes seem pretty tough, so woohoo for jumping right in. I can't wait to see how your wine and jam come out :)