Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo! and pageviews

I have finally breached 4,000 pageviews!!!!!! Last I checked (just now) I was at 4,012! Yay! Most of them come from the Hermione post, of course, because her clothing was lovely in the last movie (I'm so excited for the next one!).
Happy Cinco de Mayo! If it was on the weekend I'd have a fiesta! But sadly, instead of partying it up, I took finals today. And guess what I'm doing next week? Finals. Finals. Finals. Ick. But that's just the downside to getting a fabulous college education! Fabulous? At a community college? Well...
I have nothing more to say for now, though believe you me, I will soon. Be expecting some posts on my favorite Summer-time fashion obsessions really soon. Just not this weekend because this weekend is prom. Not that I'm going, because NO ONE WOULD ASK ME, sadly. And none of my friends wanted to go. But, we're having an unprom. So that's bound to be way more fun anyway. Right, right?! I don't need boys to make me happy!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Uh, I was only pretending to freak out. *sigh* I'm just really tired and should definitely not be writing this right now, for anyone in the world to see. It's bad for me to have this means of expression when I'm falling asleep... I'll get some pics of me and my buds all dolled up in ridiculous dresses posted probably by Monday, but don't hold me to that.
Love and GOODNIGHT!,

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