Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mumsey's Birthday and reusable bottles

So, on Saturday I went shopping with my bud for my Mum's birthday present and found the perfect thing! It's practical and personal! You know those reusable cups that are BPA-free and look like the kind of cup you get an iced latte in? Well, it's that! And mommy loves iced tea and drinks mass amounts of it all summer. So, suffice to say, I was really excited about this one.
And then I saw it.
Next to the sink.
On the counter.
A reusable BPA-free cup.
I was like "Mom! This is Courtney's right?! Please tell me this is Courtney's!!" and she was just like "Nah, daughtuh, das mine cup, right thuh". Actually what she said didn't resemble that at all, I just enjoy accents and so I gave her a Calpurnia-To Kill a Mockingbird type voice ("He's you's guest! He can put maple syrup on whateva he wants!"). Anyway, it was her cup. She'd just been sent a birthday package from her brother in NorCal and that was in it. She was very, very happy with it. Which made me feel like my uncle totally stole my make-mom-happy-with-a-rad-present thunder. Jerk. So I'm just going to give it to her anyway and she can have two, but I do have to go get her another present this weekend.
These are awesome cups though. I got a free one at college the other day, they were just giving them out for free! I also have a Copco reusable mug that I bought last year. I'm very serious about the importance of avoiding plastic. I was the worst about it for the longest time. One of my OCD ticks is that I can't use the glasses at my house. I can usually use the ones at other people's houses but at mine it has to be spotless for me to be able to use it. It's weird. So I would drink out of water bottles, but then I'd feel bad about the environment, so I'd reuse the same water bottle for like a month. Which is very unhealthy because the chemicals in the plastic get into the water and it's alot worse if you reuse the bottle alot. I am now very attached to my reusables:) for some reason my OCD doesn't care about their cleanliness as much!

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