Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dandelion- Dandy Lion

Do you remember when you were little and you picked a bouquet of dandelions for your mother? Back then they weren't "weeds", they were pretty little flowers! Did you ever blow the little fluffs off and make a wish? Most people seem to have an obsessive hatred toward dandelions but I never jumped on board the hate-train on that one. I guess I just still have a lingering affection for them, I still think of them as wildflowers.
Of course, if they are trying to grow in my garden and take the soil and water and nourishment away from my lovely little herbs and flowers I will not hesitate to go Mr. Miagi on their happy yellow little asses. "Wax on. Wax off." But I love them in nearly any other situation. Unless they're harboring a known terrorist- the wasp. Then I'll bomb them faster than that naval officer in my speech class wanted to bomb Pakistan! (Not necessarily an opinion of mine). I just hate wasps, they're like the demonic asshole version of the bumble bee. I love bumble bees. But not wasps.
I have issues keeping focused.
One last digression: I'm listening to Shakira and bellydancing while I write. I love Shakira.

I was inspired by my Pacas (grandfather) today. I have to dig up the dandelions at my dad's house so I can try to have a garden again, and why don't I use those dandelions? That's how I was inspired by my Pacas! I told him that I would need to dig up some dandelions and he said
something about dandelion wine. So, mumsy and I are going to make some! And I can use the root and leaves for cooking and medicinal things. Dandelion Jelly is supposed to taste a bit like honey, made right.
Get this salad recipe here.
I could also use the petals to make a yellow dye. There are all sorts of uses for these wonderful little "weeds".
And now some pictures of "dandy lions":


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