Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of French Club 2010-2011

Tomorrow is the last meeting of French club for this school year. I have greatly enjoyed the honor of being the president and only wish that we could have done more fun things! Tomorrow- for the last meeting- we are having a party! So, in honor of the French nature of our club, I decided that I should dress French-inspired tomorrow. I have a few french t-shirts that are really cute, but I feel like wearing something loose and flowy as I am going to my dad's house after and I don't want to walk to the river to forage while wearing a chic Parisienne getup. So, instead I am going to attempt to dress in a way inspired by french peasant girls. I don't know exactly how they differ from other peasant girls... but that's okay. It's the thought that counts!
This dress is Marc Jacobs and I love it quite a bit. I love the whole thing, actually! The hair isn't too weird (for a runway show), and I love the shoes and socks with the dress.
This dress is Free People and I, of course, love it as well!

My namesake- Belle- sitting among dandelions (just like me!) and wearing a cute blue peasant dress.
I kind of like how bored this peasant looks- very realistic!

This girl actually plays (or played, I'm not sure) a semi-crazed peasant in a Renaissance Faire.
I have some peasant blouses and peasant skirts and all that, I'm just not entirely sure how to make it seem French. Any suggestions?
Hope everyone had a top notch Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to everyone who has served, is serving, or has a loved one who has or is serving in the Armed forces or intelligence services of this fair country (and our allies!).
P.S.: My grandma dug out her old gunne and it fits perfectly! She refuses to give it to me until after she has washed and ironed it or I would just wear that tomorrow! When I get it from her, I'll put some pics of me wearing on this here blog!When I make a gunne I think I want it to look like this one (sold on Etsy) but with tank top straps instead of long sleeve and possibly just-under-the-knee length.
Long post script ended.

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  1. Hmm, couldn't really tell ya how to do the french look; I've never tried it myself :) Can't wait to see your Gunne, girl!