Monday, May 9, 2011

Brother, brother... Sister, sister...

I look fat in this picture, my mom looks gorgeous as always, my TALL brother, and my skinny sister, Courtney. (This is last year, but Cade still looks pretty much the same)
Today is my big brother's birthday... and my big sister's. My sister, Stef, is actually 31 today and my brother is 20 (that is so weird!), they just have the same birthday. I got my sister something (I haven't given it to her yet so it seems wrong to tell anyone) and I got my brother a whittled whistle that looks like a wolf (and I think it was whittled by a local Native American, which seemed fitting because my brother looks like an Indian Outlaw [he actually is Cherokee and Choctaw {and so is my sister, Courtney (but I'm not because we have different fathers [but I am Mashpee, Aqquinnah, and Blackfoot])}] and now he can play it). Of course the first thing he did was make some bong joke. Which was just a joke because he isn't a druggie. It does look like a pipe, though! Haha! So, anyway, it was a lovely afternoon and we ate fajitas and drank iced tea. Thankfully the weather was sunny! Hopefully that keeps up.

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