Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lilacs, Flappers, and my Grandma's old Gunne Sax

Today was lovely... for the most part:) My mom and I went to the mall to try to find a swimsuit top with underwire (because I fall out of literally EVERYTHING else)... and failed miserably. Sad.
Thankfully, the day was uphill from there! Literally. Up. Hill. We drove up the hill to my grandparents' property and I stole a ton of lilacs from my uncle's abandoned home (my g-parents bought their property from their best friend [who we called our uncle], he passed away, and now his house is just sitting there because houses are not selling. It makes me very sad to see his beautiful garden fall apart). So, anyway, I gathered blooming lilacs and they are now gracing our house (sitting in a blender of water because we couldn't find a vase!) with their beauty.
On to Flappers... I was at Goodwill today and found a flapper dress for $6! When I was little I was obsessed with flapper dresses and was always trying to find one for a Halloween costume. Yay! Now I can be a flapper next Halloween! It's black and swingy.
While we were visiting my g-parents, I told my grandma (we call her Muncas) that I had been unsuccessfully looking for a Gunne Sax prairie dress ( that would actually fit me) and that I had decided to just make my own. I asked if she would help me with the sewing (she's a wonder with a needle and thread) and she told me that she actually had a pattern for a prairie dress... and she had a prairie dress that would fit me. I was like "I should have asked you sooner!" I have been searching for over a year, through thrift stores and on Etsy, for a dress that would fit me and I could afford! She even knows where in her storage building it is. I'm bloody excited!!! I'm so excited that I used a British slang term... that's how excited I am! Geez, I'm weird.
Tomorrow, Sadicus and I are going to bake disgusting cookies. At the high school, juniors are supposed to bake cookies for the seniors... and we're juniors... so we're going to make these nasty-ass barf cookies for the seniors, but we're going to make them look freaking delicious. I feel so insidious ( for commiting this mischievous act.

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