Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Which I Lack Inspiration

I dearly love gunne sax/prairie dresses. I really wish could find just one in my size.

Someday I will live here:)
Delphi:) I love Delphi, how I'd love to go there...

I have been feeling so uninspired lately. Well, not just lately. I haven't had any good artistic inspiration in over a year! I struggle to find things to post on- I would do daily outfits... but I have no one to take my pictures until my mom is done working and by then we have to take them inside and the lighting is all wrong! Ugh! We live in a very ugly place. I don't want any one to see the sad little spit of land I live on. The energy here is VERY bad. I really haven't felt "quite right" in a long time. The last few places I've lived have been crappy. Though, my last house was really only crappy because of the asshole who lived in it. This Summer maybe I'll feel better! :) :) :) (I'm trying to seem less complain-y by putting alot of smiley faces all in a row). Hopefully I will have moved by the end of June! We're moving into my grandparents' old place in Post Falls once they move into their new house. Even though it's in a neighborhood, it's alot nicer than where I currently am. It's really close to my dad's house, so maybe I can try to have a garden again (and this time I'll be there so it won't die. Man, I cried so much. I killed an entire greenhouse. Of course, my sister was supposed to water when I wasn't there, but she has children so I can't really blame her.) and I'll be able to see my baby more. My baby is named Lady Katy and she lives at my dad's house- she's a St. Bernard... and I adore her.This is Katy! I took this picture when she was still pretty new to us, so she's alot bigger now! But just as adorable and beautiful!
I think I'll feel better if I can go commune with nature. This Summer I'm going to convince my friends that we need to go camping... and dance around a fire (that's something we all want to do). So... I stuck some inspirational pics on this post:) Enjoy!


  1. oh, i do miss the days of dancing around a fire. back when i had summer vacation and all my friends were in one place and we were total hippies... things like that stop when you have a "real job." i hope you rediscover your inspiration soon!

  2. Not to sound like a dork or anything, but... I'm so happy you read my blog!! I always read yours and some other lovely lassies', so it's nice to know people are checking mine out too... And, if I have to stop being a hippie when I get a "real job" then I don't want one. Haha:)