Thursday, April 14, 2011

If I Had a Diary, This Is What I Would Write In It Today

My face hurts.
I have a small gap between my two back molars and when food gets stuck back there, it hurts like the dickens all day. I have to floss to get it out and it hurts worse than the dickens to floss! It's a never ending cycle of PAIN! But, at least my... cycle... doesn't hurt anymore. Since I started the PCOS diet I don't have painful periods anymore. too much info? Maaaayyybeee.....
Today I presented in Anthropology. My subject was Germany: customs, values, traditions, fashion, family life, marriage... basically just the more personal aspect of their culture because everyone else in my group was talking about their history (in different ways like art, religion, politics, actual history), everyone but me talked about Hitler. I wanted to steer clear of Nazi Germany and talk mostly about modern Germany and how different it is from Nazi Germany. So yeah, that went well. Actually, the class seemed more interested in everyone else's presentation than in mine! Is this some demented American fascination with Hitler coming to the surface? I don't know. Maybe my section of the presentation didn't go over as well because only one other person in that class is an anthropology major and, as we all know, anthropologists have quite a different way of thinking than the average humanoid lifeform.
I sat on the beach during my free period because I'm a bum and watched some rather shady characters engaging in some rather criminal-looking activity. Being the secret agent/detective/investigative journalist that I am, I took pictures of them and sketched the 5 men ages 18-25 4 Caucasian, 1 African American, varying heights from 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inches with rather athletic builds. I am convinced that they were up to something illegal. Just wait, you'll see it in the news. Well, now mommy and I are watching Two and a Half Men *muted* because it's stupid and we're just waiting for American Idol. So, to pass the time, we're talking for them because they have nothing good to say anyway.
I have to go eat. Don't worry, I'll write a better post tomorrow or something, I'm just tired and lightheaded but I felt like writing first.

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