Saturday, April 2, 2011

A near perfect day

Both pictures are of Tubbs Hill

Yesterday I went to Tubbs Hill with Shenanigan (one of my very very best friends). I wore a long indigo dress, a green cardigan, and my Prague boots- not exactly hiking wear (the boots are close though)! It was truly a beautiful day... I would have taken pictures, but my camera needs batteries:( We made our way out to the secret little beach and looked for pretty stones and drift wood, then hiked up to the top of the Hill to find THE BEST wildflowers to put in our hair. It was a rather steep climb, so we stopped to rest on a giant moss-covered rock, and who should be waiting right behind us? Two does! They were right there munching on the new Spring foliage! They were completely aware that we were there but didn't seem to mind- I guess they could tell that we didn't want to hurt them. I think they sensed a wildness in us- something Shenanigan (nickname!) and I both like to think we have. After a while the two deer gracefully loped away so we went back down the mountain- feeling seriously cool!- and finished the hike around to the other side of Tubbs Hill. It was one of those grey, breezy-but-comfortable days that makes me think of Ireland, so of course I was delighted to be spending it in the lush green Spring forest of Tubbs! Later, after we left the Hill, we tried to use the Ouija board. Sadly those never work! It was still a wonderful day and a good way to end an otherwise uneventful Spring Break.

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