Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I am...

So, so sick...
I had a super weekend though. If you're ever wondering what to do in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I am your girl! Seriously, just comment below- it's super easy. I went home with Shenanigan after school and we Google Imaged rather pleasant looking young actors for awhile. At 8 we went to Mr. LHS at our high school. Pretty much Junior Miss for funny senior guys. We saw someone put a surprising amount of grapes in his mouth. Then, the next day we walked around downtown CDA like cool people. So... if you want to know a great day in CDA... I'll tell you! Start at Calypso's (quirky little coffee shop on the main drag) and get a panini (actually, wait and get this at lunchtime!) and an americano, then walk to All Things Irish, Lucky Monkey Trading Company, The Frosted Cupcake (seriously cute and not very well-known cupcake bakery), and every art gallery and antique shop you pass. Then drive over to 4th street and park in the Goodwill parking lot. Then go in Goodwill and enjoy thrifty shopping. Next, walk to Pilgrim's Market (just because it's wonderful), Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store, Paris Flea Market, all thrift stores, and just about anything that catches your fancy. Next you absolutely HAVE TO stop in at The Long Ear, a record store with rows and rows of albums (vinyl, CD,...)- trust me, you'll feel cool as heck if you do. For dinner (after a long day of shopping and being cool you will be hungry) you have tons of choices. I'd recommend: Pho Tahn (Vietnamese food; I've never really been there but, gosh, do I want to), Olympia (Greek), Syringa (right next to Goodwill so, hey!, you're already there! It's a sushi place), Mexican food (it's everywhere in that area), Valentino's Pizza (great gluten-free pizza, vegetarian pizza, ice cream, smoothies, subs), and a bunch of other places I can't really speak for. After you've eaten, you should go hang out at CDA lake. Tubbs Hill is the best place ever and the beach is really beautiful at sunset. Go home and snack on grapes as you ponder how many grapes you could fit in your mouth while making up a stupid song with your BFF and go to sleep content. It's a good day.
You have just learned how to indie rock-out your day in CDA. Yay for you!
P.S.: I'm really starting a band!
P.P.S.: I have a video on youtube. It's stupid. My mom and I were being weird.

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