Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter/ Acting Aspirations/Etc...

So, no outfit pics of Easter... yet. I have some family pictures that I will share with y'all sometime, but not today. Today, I have to write a deep, profound essay on the meaning of life for my anthropology class. It's a worldview essay... and it's due tomorrow. I probably should have started.
Through the outfit issues (the dress I wanted to wear was waaay too big from all the weight I've lost since I bought it[it was already a little loose when I bought it]. Which has an upside and a downside.), my multiple family problems, being surrounded by chocolate (and not being able to eat any of it), and having to go to separate dad/mom holidays EVERY HOLIDAY and feeling like holidays are just responsibilities and obligations, I had a rather shitty day (if you'll pardon my French). I did eat a lovely meal and the weather was nice but I just wish that for once I could get through a holiday without guilt trips from and resentment towards my father and my grandparents being judgmental and honestly rather grumpy old bastards. Sorry.

This morning has been better though. I slept in and ate quinoa (which is the staple of my diet so I hope I never get tired of it), watched multiple Logan Lerman Youtube videos because I seriously might be in love with him, made a smoothie, and pet my cats. Last night I watched Inception. Seriously crazy movie- really makes you think. What is reality? Am I dreaming right now? Does the government use this technology now? It. Just. Blew. My. Mind.
I've been thinking lately that I might like to act. I am really quite dramatic/theatrical and I just love the art behind it. I've done a few plays but they were just goofy school plays, I think I'd do better in serious plays and movies. I created a Youtube account so (if I can remember the password) I think I'm going to start making movies again. There's this one I made in like 7th grade that I should put on there. It's the best. I'm also going to take an acting class at the college, probably next spring or the fall after because I have to get my high school-required classes out of the way. Anyhoo. I guess I'm just putting off doing my homework and that won't get me a doctorate (let alone 2), so I should probably go do that now. Toodloo (how does one even spell that?)!

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