Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is it weird to write a blog of what I want for Christmas?

So I decided to post a blog featuring the clothes I desperately want for Christmas on the off chance any of my family members read this blog and were wondering hmm... I wonder what Belle could possibly want for Christmas? Well, pesto!(mmm... pesto) Here is the magical answer to your mental wonderings. Enjoy this strategic and desperate attempt to get what I want for Christmas! And if you're not a family member that's OK... you may get me a present too. Psha! Just kidding! (Not really) but you could possibly get some inspiration from the lovely pictures or even decide you want this for Christmas too! Just to clarify, the picture of the girl hanging out in the streets of London is meant to show that I would like to have some clothes that follow that kind of style, not that I would like a twenty-something year old fashionable Londoner. Anyhoo... Love,

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