Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beginning of a New Era... (for lOVESHINE)

Yay! I have finally entered the world of sophisticated fashion blogging! I know, hold the applause, please. I'd like to thank God and my mom and my friends and my second cousin twice removed and my friend's cute brother... Ha! Anyhoo... This is the first ever post including a picture of me! This is a pic of the outfit I wore to school today, my Finnish friend Anna in her adorable outfit, an outfit I wore to a play last year (to the theater! [I loudly exclaimed this in an English accent while writing this]), and the outfit I wore to be a fortune teller for spirit week. I wore the shirt in the fortune telling outfit yesterday with my "identical twin" because this weekend at a thrift store we found the same one in her size. Anyhoo... Today's outfit is the one with the violet shirt and teal skirt, Anna is the foxy blond with the beautiful lace dress (happy Anna? I didn't call you cute! [she hates cute because she feels like people are talking to her like they'd talk to a puppy, so I've started calling her foxy instead because that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with canines]) If I think of a good theme to post about I'll write another one tonight; if not, good night darlings, expect to hear from me again tomorrow. Love,

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  1. hahaha!! i'm VERY happy, my dear friend <3 btw i love that first picture of you it's ADORABLE!