Monday, November 29, 2010

Bowler Hat/ Derby Hat... now that's what I call retro...

Okay! I am excited! Here are some updates:
1.) I got batteries for my camera so hopefully I'll have the first ever picture of me on my blog tomorrow
2.) My views are almost to 1,000! Thank you so much everyone who has ever read my blog, I love you all!
3.) I got my very first none-family-member follower of Loveshine! I adore you Sophia!
Now to the post...
Bowler/Derby hats! I love them! They're so fashionable- especially in my town. I went to the mall with some friends on Saturday and I wore my Indiana Jones-esque Fedora and no one else there was wearing anything remotely similar. Some people even looked at me weirdly. Sad. I've been searching for a good bowler/derby and have decided that the best (and cheapest) place to get a good quality hat is Vintage! Whoo! Please, check it out... I found some awesome pics of outfits with bowler/derby hats from lookbook. I love lookbook for inspiration from fashionable, regular girls like moi! I love the idea of a bowler hat with a side braid and nerdy glasses. Anyway... Good night, darlings. Love,

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