Thursday, November 25, 2010

ELEMENTARY... My Dear Watson

So, my love and adoration of everything Sherlock Holmes has eclipsed to the point of obsession! I could no longer resist writing a post bursting with tweed! Enjoy the pictures included and have a capitol day good readers! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm greatful for everyone out there who has actually read my blog... You are AWESOME... please continue to look in every now and then... Love,
I wrote this a while back when, sadly, I was not siting my sources or providing links... so all I can tell you is that I found alot of this on forever21 and alot on Alloy (my go-to places!). I'll probably write another- better- post inspired by Mr. Holmes and his world of mystery and logic. Simply because I love it and you all deserve to know where you can find all this tweed! Ah, I've grown so much since I wrote this, mentally and emotionally that is- definitely not physically, I haven't grown physically in like three years. Anyway. Not sure why I told y'all that. Enjoy! - 1/7/11 (edited)

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