Saturday, October 16, 2010

I HAVE NEVER... rode my horse in my riding boots

So I have these equestrian boots... No. They're more than that. They are God's gift to the world, they are my life. Well... maybe I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I'm exaggerating very much. They're Rocket Dog riding boots (see below picture). I spent a year internet exploring for affordable equestrian boots, and then one day when I was exhausted and near giving up, I saw them... Haaaah (angel noise)... the light at the end of the tunnel! I was flipping through my Delias magazine, and there they were, my true love in boot form (?) They were literally perfect, I wouldn't change anything about them. They're faux leather, hit just under the knee, partial lace-up, beautiful dark brown, and $80- the cheapest ones I had found in my year long web-safari. So here is a post to all those out there with riding boots or who are searching for riding boots (check out or, if you're one of those turd faces with size 8 feet, etsy almost always has vintage riding boots for size 8 women) or who have yet to be convinced that they are something they could actually wear without jodhpurs and a helmet. I wear my boots with anything really, they're perfect for fall fashion and weather. My favorite semi-equestrian look is boots with a cream lace dress. My favorite actress is Camilla Belle and there's this issue of Teen Vogue with her as the cover girl from 2006. Well, it's the greatest cover story with amazing photographs and my favorite clothes. I've included a picture here. They also look great with a calf-length skirt. I wore a vintage floral calf-length skirt, my mom's (my) brown belt, my drapey gray sweater, and- of course- my awesome riding boots, with my grandma's monocle, a little gold elf necklace from my mommy, and my new clock-face earrings. I wore this to school and then an art show. People at school made comments like: "you know, you look like you should be from Victorian times", while at the art show I blended in perfectly. You gotta love artists... Above are some lovely pictures to inspire you, my dears. Love,

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