Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Teaparty

I bet you're jealous of my white lace parasol. I mean, if you had a white lace parasol I'd probably be jealous of you, too. Yeah... I'm crazy. So for the past year I've been obsessed with having a tea party, my friends and I have been planning on having one for like a year but we have yet to get to it. Sometimes I love to dress in ladylike tea party clothes. Pastel color pallet, lace, big pretty sunhats, and/or a parasol. So... for your viewing pleasure... some beautiful tea party clothes. With a twist. I really like this picture of Taylor Swift, I'd love to do something like it for my senior picture. I don't care what anyone says about her, I think she's adorable and seems like a genuinely nice person. Yep. I just love lace and dresses in general. For my tea party I'm going to make a flower crown and wear it in my hair... Well, have a lovely day, my darlings. Love,

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