Monday, October 18, 2010

French Dressing reminds me of eating french fries with ranch dressing which I love

French clothes! French fashion! French Dressing! La vetements de la francais! Ha Ha! As we all know Paris is the fashion capitol of the world and I LOVE IT! So here is a tres belle post about french style. Whenever I get runs in my tights I'm okay with it because I once read on a french fashion blog that destroyed tights are cool there (like destroyed jeans in America). I love quirky avante garde art-like clothes, pastel color pallet, flowy fabrics, neutral colors, and feminine details for french style.Though to be honest (and so I don't offend any french people in the wide world of internet [who speak english, if you don't I can say pretty much anything I want {just kidding}] ) I haven't ever been to France so I have no way of really knowing what I'm talking about. This is just my interpretation of the little I know about french fashion (and what I've learned from the lovely Miss Pandora). Enjoy my attempt at french fashion,please, my loves! Love,

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