Monday, June 13, 2011

What About All Those Projects? Hmm????

My cat is so cute.
I know it probably seems like I'm always starting projects and then never finishing them... that's probably because I am! I have good excuses, though:

Dream-catcher: I didn't have twine. I just got some, so I shall be making one very soon!

Pine-needle basket: I didn't have raffia. I just got some of that, too! I'll probably wait till I'm done with the Dream-catcher.

Tie-Dye: I need to get some t-shirts from the thrift store.
(It might help if I could drive)

Dandelion jelly/wine: I need some sweetener!!! I can't have sugar so I need about 7 pounds of a low-glycemic index sweetener. Agave is darn expensive in large quantities. Any suggestions from other low-GI-ers? Of course, by the time I get enough sweetener the dandelions will probably be bitter and hard to find un-poisoned. Aaahh! Sugar-free sucks.

Gunne Sax Dress: my grandmother is busy building her house and has no time to help me sew it.

Hermione Beaded Bag: I seriously have been waiting 6 months for a drawstring! I can't find one anywhere!!!! I've checked craft stores and fabric stores, and NOTHING.

Band: I'm the only one who plays an instrument. (laughter). We're a 1-guitar band.

But I am happy! My two favorite blogging ladies (this lady and this lady) are back from their blogging vacations and posting again! We had sunshine yesterday, I'm singing tonight (maybe I should go practice), and I think I have some new inspiration for a post to write later.
I have to go clean my room. I've been putting it off because it terrifies me.

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  1. I'm one of your favorites? Heehee, thank you! Good luck crafting and cleaning, Belle!