Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friendship Bracelets, The Civil Wars, and Open Mic Night (?)

I figured out how to make friendship bracelets! I've been making them all the time (when I have nothing else to do)... so pretty much everyone I know is going to get a friendship bracelet!
I've also been introduced (by Shenanigan) to the band The Civil Wars and they are my current obsession. Here's a youtube link to the song Barton Hollow... it's a Southern folksy bluegrass-rock song about burying someone... 'nough said. I would love my band to be like them mixed with Elephant Revival and Nickel Creek with some Adele and Laura Marling thrown in for good measure. Mmmhmm. Folk.
Speaking of music!
I'm (probably) playing at Calypsos tomorrow night for open mic night! I've always wanted to! I think I'm going to play Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek (beautiful song). My Finnish friend (Anna!!!) wants to make sure we both play there before she returns to Finland... and this is our last chance so I guess it had better happen:) I love Calypsos. I feel so cool in there. And Calypso is one of my favorite names, so- really- what else could I ask for?
I'll be tie dying soon and making my first dreamcatcher, too. (any suggestions for more crafts I can try or tips for these ones? I've always meant to tie dye but just never got around to it.)
I'll try to do a better post soon. Every time I try to sit down and write someone else needs the computer. I know, I'll do it when everyone else is asleep...
Love and pleasant weather wishes,


  1. Ooh, did you play at the open mic night? Jealous of the Moon is one of my favorite songs; Chris Thile's voice is the one of the few voices that has the power to make me smile, calm me down, bring me to tears, any other emotion you can think of.

    An easy, beautiful craft is an Ojo de Dios. They're a lot of fun to make and all you need is a few sticks and some different colored yarn. I don't have a particular instruction page I used, but all you've gotta do is Google it :)

  2. Thanks! I've been crazy for more crafts to do lately, so I'll look that up for sure! There were problems with my voice so I didn't open mic yet, but I will one of these Mondays when I'm not busy and my voice doesn't sound like some unearthly beast (with an ugly voice- just to clarify).