Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chickens and a South American Escape...

I so miss my horse.

When we (were forcibly) moved out of the old house we had to board my horse at the nice animal-loving neighbor's house. I am so grateful to her and her husband! Thank you Linda and Tiny for taking such marvelous care of my handsome boy!

My horse is Rivendell- the sweetest, most wonderful horse in the 'verse.

I rode him yesterday. I get to a pitifully small amount because it's hard for mom to find time to take me out to see him- especially for any length of time- and he still lives on the same street as (and in view of) "the asshole"... a.k.a.: mom's demonic ex-husband who threw us out of the house and moved in his equally evil mistress.

*deep breaths*

Anyway, I was glad to ride Rivendell yesterday!
The point is: Linda (lovely lady who boards my horse) has- I think- 8 cats, about a billion dogs (of various sizes), 3 ducks, 2 goats, 1 mini horse, and lord knows how many chickens.
She is fully capable of not only taking care of them all, but giving them each the love and attention they individually deserve. I am in awe of her.
I know that so many innocent (or nearly innocent... I've been attacked by chickens) chickens in this world are treated with cruel injustice. Meanwhile, Linda watches her chickens so intently that she knows which chickens are the ones being singled out and picked on by the others. And do you know what she does with the weak chickens? She brings them inside to live away from the others until they can get stronger! Two of them think that they're dogs. They sleep inside with the dogs in the evening and wander around the front yard with the dogs during the day. It's very cute to watch them. The little hen of the two insiders- Gracie- lays a little egg every day... usually inside! They have to check the couch before sitting down.
I could just go on about how happy her chickens are, but I won't. I will conclude by saying: She is the reason that I want a couple little chickens when I have my own place (someday). Do apartments allow chickens? Just like 2 or 3. They could poop on the balcony or something.
Heehee.SO, I 'm not really escaping to South America... yet. That's one of my goals. Sadicus thinks we should stow away on a boat to S. America and trek down to Machu Pichu. I agree with the trekking to Machu Pichu part- it's an archeological wonderland!- but I vote that instead of stowing away on a boat, we hitchhike from Idaho to Florida, build a raft and take this raft to Cuba (Cubans do it all the time in the other direction) with some free skateboards (I saw a documentary once in which this guy with a skateboard shop took free skateboards to Cuban kids all the time. So I figure they'll like us Americans more if we give them free skateboards, yes?), and then make our way to Machu Pichu.
I'm only mentioning this as an unnecessary segue into a lovely theme for this post.

Traditional Peruvian garb!Friendship bracelets remind me of Peruvian fabric, and I've been making a crap-load of friendship bracelets, so I've been reminded of Peru alot lately.CRAFT UPDATES!!
I made two dreamcatchers (one for me, one for Shenanigan) and the second was definitely better. That's good, I'm improving!!
I bought a 1970's macrame instruction book from the thrift store and I think that's going to be extremely fun:)
Thank you Sara for the Ojo de Dios idea! My mom said she used to make them, and after seeing pictures they look familiar to me (I think I saw them all the time in my childhood in California, I just haven't since moving to Idaho when I was 7). I'll make one as soon as I get some more yarn!
I'm going to a trampoline house with Sadicus in Spokane later in the week. Can't say I've ever been to a trampoline house before.
Jumping is killer on my knees, but I'll jump a little and enjoy the atmosphere.
Trampolines make people happy, happy people make me happy.
Listen to this song, please :)


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