Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Campus Fashion: What To Wear To Class

University of Idaho is my future school (one of them) and here is a lovely t-shirt!
Great school, great school. Delias sweatshirt that will make you feel smart!
I have this cardigan! I love it! I think it may still be available at Delias clearance... but I'm not positive
Isn't this outfit adorable?
I love this Old Navy jacket, it's really cute and the hood is very functional and nice!
Great example of a smart campus outfit in the warmer months: cute and practical!
This outfit is really cute but the heels probably won't work for the winter months! They are adorable for Autumn, though.
Another good example! The scarf adds a certain something, don't you think?
I really love this outfit because it's smart while still being fashionable and unique! I'm a fan!

So today was my first day of college classes on campus (I had one hybrid class last semester but on campus classes are way better)and I learned one very important thing: On a college campus, jeans are your new best friend! Especially in winter. I didn't see one skirt, dress, or shorts/tights combo all day- and I was there 9 to 5... Yeah, I'm a professional student NOW, eh?! So, if you're going to beat the -9degree weather walking to and from class all day without developing a serious case of frostbite blues (literally, your lips get blue) you're just gonna have to save the skirts and dresses for the weekend and warmer days and nurture a deep and abiding love for jeans (or other pants, just not pajama pants, please! I mean really, that's just not near as cool as people seem to think). Knit hats were everywhere today! A lot of guys especially were wearing those winter hats with the fun little string things on the sides and tassels on the end of said fun little string things... yeah I don't remember what they're called! But yeah! Jackets are "all the rage" right now:) especially with sweatshirts underneath and boots. I wore Clark Kent glasses, a Henley shirt, olive-colored legging-pant things, a cream knit hat, my riding boots, a berry corduroy jacket, a violet scarf, dark violet hand warmers, and some crazy jewelry! It sounds weird but... no, it was weird! But adorable, too! Okay! Good night, sweets! Love,

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